Create custom canvas art prints of your own photographs  into a graphic piece of art

Let the professionals at Custom Wall Wraps personalize them for you using your company logo to give your office a professional look better than the large national brands!

What is a canvas sign?

Custom canvas signs are images (photos, designs, artwork)

Digitally printed on canvas material and then wrapped onto a frame. The level of details and color on the print are gorgeous additions to both homes and offices, and you can personalize them however you want! Canvas signs are used in virtually every variety inside the house, such as to decorate children’s rooms, nurseries, kitchens, livings rooms, etc. On professional spaces they can be used to decorate offices, lobbies, reception areas, meeting rooms and even bathrooms.

Print family pictures, relaxing landscapes, a company logo in their use

and much more!

What is it made of?

Canvas fabric is generally plain woven and made of linen or cotton

Commonly used for painting. But canvas is also a perfect material to digitally print on, allowing a very high quality and clarity in the images. This will later be stretched on a wooden or metal structure so the final result looks like a painting.

What are the benefits of canvas signs?

Personalize a product to the exact image you want

without having to sacrifice quality, color, or your pocket! The advances on the printing industry allow us to offer a great image definition without having to charge extra! Does you design have many complex details? No problem! They will look clear and beautiful on their canvas frame. The materials used are light and resistant, allowing you to hang your sign easily in any room. Unless something specifically damages the fabric, your canvas sign can be used for many years without losing its splendor!

Are there any restrictions?

Canvas signs are only for interior decoration. Direct exposure to the elements (rain, sunlight, snow) will damage the print. It is also advised to avoid above-average humid locations or hanging the sign straight over a heat source. In regards of the printing of the image, we can guarantee quality as long as the digital image provided  meets requirements. It will not be the glossy photo finish that we are used to, but the result is very high-quality nonetheless. The canvas will also add a slightly textured surface look.

Design your own canvas

Express Yourself in Meaningful &  Engaging ways