Transform the walls of any space into a graphic piece of art

What is a wall wrap?

A wrap is a graphic image or design printed on vinyl, which can be installed onto any kind of wall using heat and specific hand tools. It is the perfect and affordable way to replicate your favorite images in a high-quality, durable product.

very flexible in their use

as they can be fitted to almost any surface

The quality of the image is guaranteed

at a fraction of the cost of a custom paint job.

Printing technology has improved tremendously in the last several years, allowing countless opportunities of modern designs and textures. Whether you are printing a nature landscape or a family picture, the quality of the image is guaranteed at a fraction of the cost of a custom paint job.

What are the benefits of decorating with wraps?

Wrapping is one of the most cost-effective decoration choices on the market right now.

Family photos or unique graphic designs can be reproduced in amazing detail. You don’t need to be an artist or hire one, don’t need to conform to a boring wallpaper design, don’t need to make a mess by painting the place and getting a dull plain color in reward. Create the perfect environment you are looking for with a custom wall wrap!

Design your own wall

Are there only full-wall wraps?

Vinyl graphics can be made into every size and design. We can custom print and cut any shape that meets your requirements, and our professional team of installers will make sure it fits exactly as you imagined it.

What else can be wrapped?

In the range of wall-wraps popular items include decals and stickers for any kind of business or institution, including lettering. Decorate any room in the house, as well as reception areas, showrooms, school classrooms, day cares or nurseries, retail shops and others. Wraps can even be installed on the ceiling and windows.

Design your own wall

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